DH Infrastructure Symposium

February 23-24, 2017 in the UCLA Library Research Commons

New for 2017! We have added a second half-day on Friday, February 24th to offer hands-on workshops with DH infrastructure tools and methods.

  • Registration to open January 31! We are still hoping to offer this event at no cost. Sponsorship is welcome. Please contact Annelie Rugg at annelie@humnet.ucla.edu.
  • Call for presentations is now closed. Symposium program to be posted by January 23.
  • Voting for workshops is now closed. Workshop program to be posted by February 3.

Plan to attend the second annual Digital Humanities Infrastructure Symposium! The digital humanities represent the cutting edge of humanities research and instruction, but they also represent a fundamental shift in the paradigm of humanities, from the model of the lone scholar to that of the interconnected team; and from the model of the durable paper publication to that of the digital, ephemeral product. Since the infrastructure (including staff, resources, and services) necessary to support these new models are very different from those required by the old models, academic partners are being challenged to evolve rapidly to support those scholars, in ways that are efficient and sustainable.

The DH Infrastructure Symposium will again be held on the UCLA campus on Thursday and extended to a half-day Friday, February 23-24, 2017. Repeating the success of 2016, we will gather together the people who are the DH infrastructure of various universities, colleges, libraries, and other scholarly organizations across California, to discuss different approaches to these challenges.¬†Our goal is to learn from each others’ successes and galvanize further advances at our own institutions.


Questions? Email Annelie Rugg, Humanities CIO at the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities. annelie@humnet.ucla.edu


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