Project Description: RomeLab is a multi-disciplinary research group whose work uses the physical and virtual city of Rome as a point of departure to study the interrelationship between historical phenomena and the spaces and places of the ancient city.

Principal Investigator: Johanson, Christopher


Andean Narratives

Project Description: As part of the UCLA Digital Humanities program’s capstone course, students and a faculty member collaborated on a web based project that offers more insight into the collection of Andean ceramics at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Over the course of the project, they experimented with different digital tools that allowed them to create and analyze different data visualizations.

Principal Investigator: Posner, Miriam


LA Aqueduct Digital Platform

Project Description: In partnership with Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio, UCLA Library Special Collections developed the Los Angeles Aqueduct Digital Platform in commemoration of the Aqueduct’s centennial, November 5, 2013. The platform provides access to digitized archival resources from UCLA Library Special Collections, including photographs, documents, maps, and pamphlets.

Principal Investigator: Prof Cuellar, Jillian


Digital Karnak

Project Description: The Digital Karnak Project aims to make the site of Karnak more accessible to students and instructors in the English-speaking world. The features of this website have been designed to provide college classrooms (and the interested public) with easily accessible, up-to-date, expert material relating to the temple precinct.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Diane Favro


Far From Moscow

Project Description: A database of new music, poetry, and regional songwriting from more than 3,000 independent artists in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Principal Investigator: Prof. David Macfadyen


Reverse Engineering History: Structural Analysis of the Lighthouse at Alexandria

Project Description: More than 2,000 years ago the ancient Pharos Lighthouse towered 129 meters over Alexandria, equivalent to a 35 story modern building. Compared to earlier lighthouses, the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world represented a significant leap in architectural design, engineering and construction technology.

Principal Investigator: Prof Diane Favro


Mapping Danish Population Change and the Railroads, 1860-1920

Project Description: An ongoing challenge for many historical GIS projects is the aggregation of data from disparate sources. In our project, we aim to bring together sources describing changes in infrastructure, population, and farming methods from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century in Denmark.

Principal Investigator: Prof Tim Tangherlini

Urkesh: The Digital Invention of an Ancient Site

Urkesh: The Digital Invention of an Ancient Site

Project Description: The long-term goal of Professor Emeritus Giorgio Buccellati is to update his original archaeological database using current standards, while still maintaining its integrity as an argument about the nature of publishing archaeological data.

Principal Investigator: Professor Emeritus Giorgio Buccellati, UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archeology

Multimodal Communication

Multimodal Communication

Project Description: Dr. Leigh Harris from UCLA’s Writing Programs is exploring solutions with CDH to enable media-rich writing projects for her Fall English 3 class. Ideally, students would be able to embed online videos on the page, and restrict the portion of those videos that plays back based on the arguments that they are making.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Leigh Harris, UCLA's Writing Programs

Mapping Literary L.A.

Mapping Literary L.A.

Project Description: The goal of this project is to contribute to the design and mock-up of a Mapping Literary Los Angeles website.

Principal Investigator: Kelly Miller and Doug Worsham, UCLA Library


Korean/Korean American Online Folklore Archive

Project Description: The goal is to develop a more sophisticated search and display interface, that will allow the Korean/Korean American Online Folklore Archive to move from being mainly an instructional tool for students in Professor Tangherlini's two Korean folklore/ethnography classes, to being a key resource for students not only in these classes, but any class that engages the traditions of individuals of diverse ethnic heritage across Southern California.

Principal Investigator: Professor Timothy R. Tangherlini, Department of Scandinavian


Keys to Voice Studies

Project Description: A project, led by Professor Nina Eidsheim from UCLA's Department of Musicology, to build a website for the Keys to Voice Studies multi-campus research group.

Principal Investigator: Professor Nina Eidsheim from UCLA's Department of Musicology


East Asian Studies Macroscope

Project Description: A Mellon-funded initiative to create an integrated set of computational tools for the analysis of digitized East Asian Studies corpora. The first phase of this project has worked towards developing a statistical analysis tool with a network visualization port.

Principal Investigator: Professors Jack Chen, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, and Tim Tangherlini, Department of Scandinavian


Digital Mapping and Visualization of UCLA Service Learning

Project Description: This project aims to help UCLA's Center for Community Learning develop a geospatial display of their students' service learning in the Los Angeles region.

Principal Investigator: Professor Elizabeth Goodhue, UCLA's Center for Community Learning

A Statistical Analysis of Canaanite Akkadian Texts

A Statistical Analysis of Canaanite Akkadian Texts

Project Description: The goal of this project is to provide hard data to clarify a debate on the linguistic characteristics of verbs in the corpus of the Amarna Letters. Using a digital copy of the Amarna corpus, Alice Mandell, graduate student from NELC, will tag each of the verbs with annotations describing specific characteristics, and then run reports on each of those characteristics to provide the data for her argument on the language patterns of the verbs.

Principal Investigator: Alice Mandell, Ph.D. Student, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

UEE time map

UCLA Encylopedia of Egyptology

Project Description: The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology is an international cooperative project to provide high-quality, peer-reviewed information on ancient Egypt. It is a resource in development and will grow steadily.

Principal Investigator: Professor Willeke Wendrich, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures


Online Encyclopedia of African Music

Project Description: With the cooperation of CDH, the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive, and the UCLA Digital Library, Professor Jesse Ruskin from the Department of Ethnomusicology is working to develop a website that presents the work of musicologist Darius L. Thieme, whose pioneering fieldwork during the 1960s represents one of the most extensive documentations yet of Nigerian traditional music.

Principal Investigator: Professor Jesse Ruskin, Department of Ethnomusicology


Visual Resources Collection for Teaching and Learning

Project Description: The goal of this project is to migrate the Department of Art History's Visual Resources Collection into the Digital Library and to develop new staff and end user interfaces to make the collection as valuable for instruction and research as possible.

Principal Investigator: Professors Steven Nelson and Miwon Kwon, Department of Art History

Paris-Past and Present

Paris: Past and Present

Project Description: Professor Meredith Cohen's goal is to build a highly accurate 3D model of high medieval Paris (AD 1100-1300), to support both instruction and research. The model would provide transparent access to the underlying data and be easy to update, wiki-style, as additional data became available.

Principal Investigator: Professor Meredith Cohen, Department of Art History

digital anatolia

Digital Anatolia

Project Description: This project pushes the boundaries of multimedia argumentation by offering a rapid, 4-D map-based approach to studying and exploring archaeological sites at an urban scale in a digital laboratory.

Principal Investigator: Professor Christopher Johanson, Department of Classics

Ancient Egyptian Coffins Project

Ancient Egyptian Coffins Project

Project Description: The goal of this project is to migrate Prof. Cooney's personal database of images and meta data pertaining to Ancient Egyptian Coffins into the UCLA Digital Library and to develop new staff and end-user interfaces so that the collection may be open to research and further input from other institutions.

Principal Investigator: Professor Kara Cooney, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Sandro Botticelli – “La Carte de l’Enfer”

A Sense of Place

Project Description: A project to explore the relationship between space and narrative. We examine all aspects of this question, but will especially focus on the relationship between space and imaginary narratives or places, as represented by digital maps.

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Lynch, UCLA Center for Digital Humanities

American Labor Who’s Who

American Labor Who’s Who Database

Project Description: This project aims to convert scanned pages of a 1925 directory of trade union, immigrant rights and radical activists into a research and teaching database.

Principal Investigator: Professor Toby Higbie, Department of History


CSANA/UCLA Celtic Studies On-Line Bibliography Project

Project Description: The Celtic Studies On-line Bibliography Project is the only ongoing bibliography of Celtic studies that attempts to cover all aspects of Celtic studies (language, literature, history, culture) and work on and in all the Celtic languages (ancient and modern). The Bibliography's being online adds immeasurably to its utility and accessibility for students and scholars alike.

Principal Investigator: Professor Joseph F. Nagy, Department of English and Karen Burgess, Assistant Director, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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