In addition to these officially listed classes, you may also petition to count other courses toward the minor or graduate certificate, provided they have a strong digital component.

Please fill out this form if you’d like to petition for an elective. Include all the information you can, including a syllabus, if available. After you have submitted your petition, please allow one week for a decision. Please email Dr. Miriam Posner at if you have additional questions.

Find approved Fall 2017 electives here. Please note that this list is evolving.

Lower Division (one required): Each of these classes introduces students to the use of digital tools and methodologies to examine complex cultural, social, and historical dynamics. Minors are strongly encouraged to take either INF STD 20 or 30.

ANNEA 10W Jerusalem, the Holy City
ARCH&UD 10A History of Architecture and Urban Design: Prehistory to Mannerism.
CLASSIC 42 Cinema and Ancient World
COMPTING 3 Introduction to Computing for Social Sciences and Humanities
DESMA 10 Design Cultures (department consent required)
DESMA 11A Design History I: The 4th Wave: Media Histories 1850‐2050
DESMA 24 Motion (restricted to Design or DESMA majors)
DESMA 28 Interactivity (restricted to Design or DESMA majors)
ENGLISH 19, seminar 4: Food Writing in the Digital Age
GEOG 7 Geographic Information Systems
GERMAN 61A Berlin: Modern Metropolis (HyperCities)
INF STUDIES 10 Information and Power
INF STUDIES 20 Introduction to Information Studies
INF STUDIES 30 Internet and Society
PROGRAM IN COMPUTING 40A, Intro to Internet Programming

Upper Division (minors must take DH 101 and 150, as well as three other upper-division electives)

DESMA 101 Introduction to Media Arts (department consent required to enroll)
DGT HUM 101 Introduction to Digital Humanities (required)
DGT HUM 150 Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities
DGT HUM 194 Digital Humanities Research Group Seminar
DGT HUM 195/196 Research Internship/Apprenticeship in Digital Humanities (optional)
DGT HUM 198/199 Capstone Research in Digital Humanities
DIS STUD M164A Documentary Production for Social Change
ANNEA M101C (formerly CM177)/ART HIST M101C (formerly M177), The Ancient Egyptian Temple and the City of Thebes
ANNEA M105/ANTHRO M119E Archeology of Egypt and Sudan
ANNEA 125A Digital Cultural Mapping Core Course A: Place, Time, and Digital World
ANNEA M125B / ARCH&UD M125B Digital Cultural Mapping Core Course B: Google Earth, GIS, Hypercities, and Timelines
ANNEA M125C / ARCH&UD M125C Digital Cultural Mapping Core Course C: Summer Research
ANNEA 162 Archaeology of Ancient Israel
ANNEA C165 Egyptian Archaeology
ANNEA CM169 Introduction to Archaeological Sciences
APP LING C115B Computer-Enhanced Language Teaching and Learning
ARCH&UD 132 Domestic Architecture: Critical History (only when instructor is Diane Favro)
ARMENIAN C153 Art, Politics and Nationalism
ART HIST 119C Contemporary Arts of Africa
ART HIST 119D Architecture and Urbanism in Africa
CHIN M183 / ANTHRO M116S Archaeological Landscape of China
CLASSIC 164 Spectacle Entertainments of Ancient Rome
CLASSIC 166B Roman Religion
CLASSIC 191 Death and Dying in Ancient Rome
COMMUNICATION 151 Computer-Mediated Communication
COMMUNICATION 154 Social Communication & New Technology
COMMUNICATION 156 Social Networking
CS 143 Database Systems
CD 144 Web Applications
CS 145 Intro to Data Mining
CS 161 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
CS 174 A/B Introduction to Computer Graphics
DESMA 104 Design and Society – Society and Design
DESMA 161 Network Media
FILM TV C120 Digital Cinematography (restricted to Film and Television majors)
FILM TV C144 Interactive Multimedia
FILM TV 155 Creative Authoring for the World Wide Web
GEOG M146 Feminist Geography
GEOG 168 Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 173 Geographic Information Systems (restricted to Geography minors)
HIST 146B History of Working-Class Movements (when instructor is Higbie)
HISTORY 191Q: The Digital in History
HISTORY 191Q: The Digital in History
IS 180 Special Topics (as topics apply)
IS 189 Seminar: Special Issues in Information Studies (as topics apply)
KOREAN 183 Korean Folklore
KOREAN 187 Popular and Folk Religion in Korea
RUSSIAN 121 Russian Pop Culture
RUSSIAN 129 Animation and Music Video
SCAND C133 Saga
SCAND C171 Intro to Scandinavian Folklore
SOC GEN 131 Social and Historical Study of Information, Software and Networks
SOC GEN 175 Current Directions in Social and Historical Study of Science
SPAN 150 Topics in Modern Studies (as topics apply; please write to Miriam Posner with details)
SPAN 170 Topics in Media, Interdisciplinary and Transhistorical Studies (offered through UCLA in Barcelona Program)
URBAN PL 129 Spatial Look at Urbanization
URBAN PL 141 Planning for Minority Communities

Graduate Courses

ARCH & UD 291 Theory of Architectural Programming (Cuff)
ART HIST C203D Museum Studies
DESMA 252A/B Programming Media
DESMA 269 Design | Media Arts Grad Seminar (Lunenfeld)
DGT HUM 201 Introduction to Digital Humanities
DGT HUM 299 Capstone Research in Digital Humanities (required)
FILM TV 224 Computer-Film Study
FILM TV C245 Creative Authoring for World Wide Web
FILM TV 246 Electronic Culture (Mamber)
HIST 201V The Digital in History
INF STUD 200 Information and Society
INF STUD 201 Ethics & Diversity & Change (Furner)
INF STUD 214 Information: Principles and Practices
INF STUD M253 Knowledge Representation (Taira)
INF STD 245 Information Access (Richardson)
INF STD 227 Information Studies in Culturally Diverse Communities (Srinivasan)
INF STD 260 Information Structures
INF STD 270 Seminar: Intro to Information Studies (Blanchette)
INF STD 272 Computer-Human Interaction (Lievrouw)
INF STD 279 Information Architecture (Boyden)
INF STD 282 Information Systems: Analysis & Design (Blanchette)
INF STD 289 Issues in Information Studies (as topics apply; please email Miriam Posner for specific approval)
INF STD 291B Ph.D. Seminar: STS (Blanchette)
INF STD 431 Archives, Records, and Memory
PUB POLICY M224B Advanced Geographic Information Systems (Kawano)
PUB POLICY 290 Special Topics in Public Policy: Intro to Data Science Using R
URB PLAN M206A Intro to Geographic Information Systems (Estrada and Kawano)

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